Katelyn’s Chronicles

Katelyn’s Chronicles

Dear diary..as I write my first words in you, I open a new chapter in my life..my first day in campus..I cant help shake this feeling that there will be many more chapters in this experience. I only hope that this foreboding holds only good tidings for me. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Katelyn but call me Kate. Today I woke up early at around 4 am. I was so excited about joining campus. I had packed the previous night so I took a warm shower. My mum was so excited too. She cooked bacon, sandwiches and tea for us which she only does on special occasions. Sorry my dear for crying right now because I miss mummy and I wish dad was alive to see how proud I have made him.

My small sister Brenda who is 5 was so happy too. She kept smiling all. Although she complained having been woken up that early. To cut the story short we boarded mums car a Toyota Vits for our journey here, Brookville University, the University of my dreams. I can’t tell you about my journey coz I slept all through but I remember mum waking me up to see how beautiful the university’s gate was.
I didn’t notice the gate at first coz I saw this guy, curly hair, a goatee, tall and handsome. He had a long sleeved grey fitting shirt and blue jeans. I was really trying to make it less obvious to my mum that I was literally staring at the guy. Although I told mum the gate was beautiful, I meant to say “wow, this guy is totally handsome.” I am glad mum didn’t notice that because if she did she would have scolded me just like last time. I will tell you about that sometime soon.
I will skip the registering part because its rather boring apart from this guy I saw having sagged his trousers. His behinds were literally hanging out. I wonder why he had to show everyone that torn inner wear. Mum saw it too but I could see her from the corner of my eyes pretending she didn’t see anything.
Finally I was in my room having my packed lunch that mum bought. I am so excited being here my dear diary and I can’t wait to tell you all the juicy parts of my campus life. However I feel so sad because I miss mum and siz. I have to sleep we will see each other soon as I tell you more about me. You will get to know me better soon.

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  1. maryanne November 24, 2015 at 1:27 PMEditReply

    awesome piece

  2. keshkellie November 18, 2015 at 9:44 PMEditReply

    The title is just captivating…..content i loved the vivid description
    …waaay to go!!!

  3. Brenda November 17, 2015 at 4:05 AMEditReply

    captivating. …waiting for the next article

  4. kg November 16, 2015 at 10:55 PMEditReply

    nice trial bro,with time ul b there

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