Five Type Of Guys Every Woman Wants

Five Type Of Guys Every Woman Wants

When I was a teenager I always asked myself what type of man do ladies want. I watched a few soap operas to get the idea of love and being romantic. I read some “how to” tips of getting her to like you. I practiced pick-up lines. I did

a lot of cold approaches trying to find out what and of man a woman won resist. I still haven’t totally figured it out yet but read through the six categories and find out if you are one of the eligible bachelors she is looking for.
Laedies I know you have had that one terrible heart break. Dating a guy and then realizing it wasn’t meant to be. You reading this means you haven’t found your Mr. Right yet even if you are dating. You are sick of sitting in the sidelines on the singles sceneand you want someone who will sweep your feet of to happily ever after. Well, go through the categories and find out the type o guys we have out there.

1. The Nice Romantic Guy

This is the type of guy you see in soap operas. He will bring you flowers, open the car doors for you, pull the chair for you and leave cards around your room/ hostel or apartment. He believes in classic romance, chocolate and candles for dinner. He calls you often to let you know he is thinking about you. He looks into your eyes and tells you how he feels.

This guy will do exactly what you want a guy to do to you romantically without you telling him. After you realize there’s a romantic guy who appreciates kissing under the moonlight or in the rain, you will be less inclined to stay with a guy who doesn’t give you the attention you need.

Most of these guys have watched soap operas too much and are in love with the idea of love. Also this type of guys is very rare to find. Some fake this guy to get what they want from women.

2. The Sponsor

His tailored suits tell you all. One look at him and you are toast. He might be settled even with a wife or kids. He might have a big belly (kitambi) but the car he drives and the cash he has in his bank is more than enough. They say money can buy anything. Love? Maybe but this guy will take you on expensive dates (Four and Five star hotels). Send you expensive gifts. Take you out for shopping. He will even pay your bills.

Most are either married, divorced or womanizers. He is twice your age old enough to be your dad. You will walk away from this relationship eventually but more sophisticated than ever. Most relationships will end with a side chiq or the wife beating you up.

3. The Fun Social Guy

This is the party guy. The guy you wont miss in almost every party. He is well known for organizing parties and being invittted to most. Every woman want to be seen talking tothis guy because of how he is well known. They are spontaneous and will lead you to going with the flow up to the quickie.

They love the excitement of something new. This poses an issue for long term relationships. Enjoy the roller coster but don’t be afraid to walk away to a more stable ground.

4. The Handsome Artistic Guy

This is the handsome guy you see singing in the band. He is the artist you see and wish he talked to you. The guy who sings for you and plays the piano or guitar for you. Every woman wants to be associated with a handsome guy. He will use creativity to woo her (a song, a painting or a game). You will be intrigued by this guy’s handsomeness and creativity toward how he relates to you.

This type of guys lives for the moment. Once the relationship hits the rocky path he opts out. Some of these guys prefer being single and most are friend-zoned.

5. The Bad Boy

This is the guy with the free spirit. He is confident in whatever he does. He just follows the wind and mostly the wind takes him to a wild adventure. You will love the free spirit of this guy. He is very confident in how he expresses himself.

You will just wish he shares his carefree nature which leads to a lot of trouble. Most ladies will want to tame him though they know he is untamable. This type of guy is not a keeper. Enjoy the ride but be careful, trouble is on your door step.
Every lady should at least date one of these type of guys. Guys be careful not to fake any of these because ladies will eventually find out.

It’s noble to share.


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  1. Vee May 25, 2017 at 11:47 PMEditReply

    Nooh the probability is 1/10

  2. Vee April 28, 2017 at 8:47 PMEditReply

    Should I add “number 6” guy ama ndo my type 😂🙈
    Nice work tho

    • Profile photo of Brian Muguro
      Brian Muguro Post authorApril 30, 2017 at 10:46 PMEditReply

      Haha yours is probably number 5 Vee

  3. cherylangasa July 12, 2016 at 6:30 PMEditReply

    I’m walking away with my marking scheme. Wangu hayuko, hehe.
    Nice work.

    • Profile photo of Brian Muguro
      Brian Muguro Post authorJuly 12, 2016 at 6:34 PMEditReply

      Hehee I believe unajua ni yupi huyo ako hapo

  4. fady April 30, 2016 at 9:15 PMEditReply

    Haha awesome..I had to read to the end. nice article

    • Profile photo of Brian Muguro
      Brian Muguro Post authorMay 20, 2016 at 9:29 AMEditReply

      It’s called deep thinking out loud

  5. teybafaith April 29, 2016 at 8:24 AMEditReply

    Awesome wak Brayo
    Nice artistic wak

  6. maritimb06 April 29, 2016 at 5:48 AMEditReply

    The free spirit who looks tamable but unfortunately he is not….

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