She Does Sing

She Does Sing

She does sing
Every time she is in the shower
Her voice caressing my heart
With every note she sings

She does sing
And every time she does so
Makes me want to take a shower again
But this time with her instead

She does sing
Every time she feels full of joy
Her lovely voice warming my heart
Goosebumps forming all over me

She does sing
When her favourite song is on the radio
I feel compelled to accompany her
But my voice won’t let me

She does sing
But this time she sings for me
To express her love for me
Her voice and words really move me

She does sing
A lullaby to our small daughter
With whom just like me
Wish she would sing forever

Keep singing my beloved wife
For I have no words to explain
All that u make me feel
When you do


┬ęBrian Muguro

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