Dreams Like Fairy Tales

Dreams Like Fairy Tales

I wanted to be a hacker
I would have known all computer languages
I would would have done all computer tricks
Both legal and illegal but mostly illegal

I wanted to be a vampire
I would have been faster than everybody
I would have lived for thousands of years
And travelled the whole world

I wanted to be an army sniper
I would have become a war hero
I would have eliminated enemies from miles away
And have the best record headshots

I wanted to be a photographer
I would have had the best cameras
I would have taken images all over the world
And shown people how beautiful the world is

I wanted to be a Knight
I would have fought for the honour of the King
I would have ridden large and strong horses
And conquered kingdoms with my sword

I wanted to be a pirate ship captain
I would have plundered and destroyed ships
I have become the most feared captain
And the most wanted pirate in the world

I wanted to be a journalist
I would have written articles and blog posts
And since you are reading this
You already know am a journalist to be
And also a blogger


┬ęBrian Muguro

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