My Vibe or My Zip?

My Vibe or My Zip?

Sometimes I wonder whether today’s generation of kids have outsmarted us all. I happen to be a very kind and quiet guy who has so much self-control and tolerance FYI.
Recently I was going home and as usual I had to take a matatu home. Am not accustomed to boarding the loud buses with graphitti like you do. Nor am I used to calling for uber taxis. Well I am in Nakuru after all. I find my way to the left seat at the back beside the window. I am forced to “remove” my dark-grey trench coat and rest it in my lap because of the heat inside.

The stuffy atmosphere of both sweat and different brands of cologne that sting my nostrils and nauseate me forcing me to struggle with the window until its wide open. Cool fresh air hit my nostrils and I almost sign loudly in relief for escaping the death sentence by toxins.

A robust woman almost twice the circumference of myself sits next to me. She tries her best to squeeze in the one seat left in the middle. In between us her small daughter. I find myself disadvantaged by her size and my large behinds. I feel compassion for the kid nonetheless and squeeze myself to the corner and she sits down.

I’m bundled at that back seat folding my elongated legs which out of height don’t seem to fit. I get my fingers busy and I open my whatsapp. I chat with my gorgeous woman. A conversation funny from both sides. I even smile at myself and insert the “tears of laughter” emoji. Her witty replies and lively conversation raises my spirits transforming my already bored body to a most lively spirit. So you know how my girl is good.

Then I close my eyes and look up to let the feeling sink. Breathing out as I wait for her to reply. Then when I’m half way closing my eyes, I see a smile. I peculiar smile from the little girl seated next to me. I check my trousers zip to check whether it’s intact. She could have been looking through that unfortunate glory hole. Fortunately it’s intact along with it’s contents.

Then I see her looking the white gadget on my hand. “Did she just read my texts?” All of my conversations exposed to a 7 year old. I don’t know whether it’s my funny jokes or hers or maybe I got poor vibe? Well I believe am better than all of you.


==> Don’t mind my spelling errors
==> It’s noble to share

5 thought on “My Vibe or My Zip?”

  1. Tianahellenshiks June 1, 2016 at 8:13 AMEditReply

    Hehe,…the little girl smiled at your bae’s vibe…it must be funny haha. Nice article

  2. Mickey June 1, 2016 at 6:20 AMEditReply

    I meant… the one who was receiving your texts.
    good thinking though … I think you’re the reason why this Bundles are getting more and more expensive…
    they’d want to discourage such conversations. Too bad hawaja succeed… Next time you’re sim card is going
    to melt or better disappear.

  3. Mickey June 1, 2016 at 4:55 AMEditReply

    haha…. you really think we’d fall for it? A zip? Why would a little girl laugh at that? I think she would have been scared if that’s the case.
    We all know why she laughed, she was amazed at how little your grammar and spelling was… I bet she was even abit shy to laugh out 🔊… And you have to agree that she wasn’t the only one laughing at your “vibe ” someone behind the white gadget was having the last laugh. I also support you on your beliefs… you sure are better than all of us at :”spelling alone” 😂

    • Profile photo of Brian Muguro
      Brian Muguro Post authorJune 1, 2016 at 5:07 AMEditReply

      Hahaa Mike, probably the person laughing at the back of my white gadget was Safaricom seeing how I am using their bundles. Am better than you in more than just spelling and you know it. Just saying!

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