Clash of Clans Android Game Review

Clash of Clans Android Game Review

This is the best strategic game I have come across. It takes around 40MB of internal storage on android devices. You  must  be online to play this game.

– Amazing graphics

– Simple and great gameplay

– There is no hack yet since it keeps upgrading so it’s you and your brains

– You can chat in the game

– You can create a clan of best friends

– You can share armies

– You can attack other peoples bases and get gold and Elixir

– You can challenge your best friends

– Very low data consumption


– You need a stable network either WiFi or LTE


Don’t worry about it being online, their servers are hack proof so you know your progress won’t be lost. Also no proven mod released for unlimited resources.

Download from Playstore if you are an android user and thank me later.

Below are screenshots from the game



Its noble to share.

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