Approach Anxiety Complications 

Approach Anxiety Complications 

The music in the club is deafening

You can barely say hi to the person next to you

The dance floor is full

Everyone except you is dancing to the beat.


You are seated at a deserted seat near the counter

Gobbling your “moon walker” quickly

Squinting your eyes to put up with the bitter taste

That the liquor has brought with it.
It has been a long day, looking for a job

For you haven’t had any since you left campus

Five years of unemployment

And nothing, nothing and absolutely nothing but unemployment.
There she is

A beautiful and elegantly dressed lady

Her black hair dropping over her shoulders

While the shape of her body nearly making you go blind.
She walks in with a walking style that depict class

Places her curvaceous arse on the stool

Places her handbag on her lap

And checks her large smartphone.
Just by looking at the bartender

He responds swiftly like a teleporter

With a look saying “Your wish is my command Mademoiselle”

Then turns her head to survey the place.
You have totally forgotten about your drink

Your jaw has slightly dropped

Your eyes meet then she looks away

Pulling her stray hair to the back.
You can’t master the courage to even wave

The worn out suit that you have worn for three days now

Starts giving you an uncomfortable feeling

Approach anxiety cripples you
Like a gentleman

You know you should buy her a drink

Introduce yourself to her as one of the most successful guys

But you know you are 50 Bob between you and starvation.
So you stare from a far

She starts feeling uncomfortable as if you are watching her

Giving you fierce looks and facial expressions

Hoping that you will mind your own business
A guy with tight jeans approaches her

Sits next to her and engages her into a conversation

You can clearly tell yourself he is not that attractive

Just to justify yourself
She starts laughing at his jokes

He buys her another drink

She holds his hand and hugs him occasionally

All you can imagine is how all that could have been you and her.
You blame the economy for lacking any job

You blame yourself for not studying harder

You blame the liquor for lying to you that she is beautiful

And ‘gulp’ you sip your bitter liquor.

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