I have a billion and one reasons why you must choose me to be part of your life. But let me spell out a few.

One is because I’m the best. Yes, I am the best of them all cause I don’t make you cry or lose anything in life. I am the best because being with you makes your life meaningful, Hahahaha…. Indeed I’m the BEST

Two is because I love you. This is the greatest commandment that God gave to Moses, love. And truth be told I love you so much and despite the fact that I have others, I’m faithful. Hahahaha…. Funny

Three is because you can’t do without me. Trust me many have tried to live without me and now they can’t even tell the story, you know why, because they are history.

Four is because I am your everything. Yeeeessss I am your everything. You lose me you have nothing including your life. And when you lose your life, you cease to exist. You see, I am everything in your life.
And the list is endless so let me just stop it there.
Aggggrrrr!!! Sorry I forgot to introduce myself you know I was in a hurry to brag to you how important I am to you. So allow me introduce myself….

May name is PEACE!!! And that’s why you should choose me.

Without Peace, we are nothing. So let’s choose to live together in peace and love each other. Kenya is a gift from God, let’s take care of her.


©Kevyn MC Mbayagi

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